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Stash Enhancement

Today was yarn yumminess! I have a weak spot for cotton. I know that for alot of crocheters and knitters, the weak spot is wool or alpaca but me it is cotton. I do not know why!
My Chem class let out early today and I had 45 minutes until I had to pick Caleb up at daycare so what does a girl do for 45 minutes! Yarn Shop, of course.
I found a new yarn shop by campus. So I purchased some yarn there.
1 skein Candy Apple Cotton Fleece
2 skeins Rivera 45% cotton/30% linen/25% rayon

Both I think I am going to make Fat Bottom Bags with.

The cotton fleece is not so red it more the color of the broach.(not purchased at the yarn shop) Here it is in the natural light.
It was a nice little shop and owner was so friendly. I like it better then the shop near my house which I did go to as well today.
And purchased, you guessed it more cotton.
Another fat bottom bag??
2 balls Cotton Classic %100 mercerised cotton by Tahki
Notice how the broach matches great!

So next was Joanns, for more yarn..big surprise, not for cotton. I bought
1 skein Sensations Rainbow Boucle in Blue. I am going to knit the shawl that is pictured.
The best part of my yarn adventure today was when I came home I had this awaiting me.

3 skeins Bernat Satin in Sea Shell
When I was making the Seija Set, I had 3 very knotted, frayed skeins so I wrote a letter to Bernat. Well, they sent me 3 replacement skeins. How exciting! Free Yarn!

Onto an un-yarn related subject. School is kicking my tush and I should be studying right now but I had to blog. Caleb's third birthday is next week and the following weekend is his party. I am feeling overwhelmed so the retail therapy helped today.

Anyways, have a great one! Thanks for stopping by this place I call my blog!


I finished the Butterfly Dishcloth. I just forgot to post it yesterday. Oh well, isn't like I didn't post at the Freaks. Anyways, I did knit this. And I am very excited about it. The butterfly is hard to see because of the colorway but trust me it is there. I just used what cotton I had around so this is what I got.

I don't have much to say today but I am very tired. I am also looking forward to Grey's Anatomy tonight. I have been waiting all summer and tonight is the night.

I am still reading blogs everyday just haven't had much time to comment but I will try harder. Have a good night all!

Cotton Skull Cap

I mentioned the cap I finished with my leftover yarn from the Fat Bottom Bag. So here it is. I used Deneen's Cotton Skull Cap pattern. I did make one change and instead of sc in the last rows I used the herringbone half double like the Fat Bottom Bag uses. I am sure I will use them together since they match. So a big thank you to Deneen for sharing her pattern. It worked up quickly and easily. Great pattern writing, Deneen.

Pattern used: Cotton Skull Cap by Deneen St Amour
Yarn used: 2 oz Casacade Yarns Sierra 80% cotton/20% wool
Hook used: J

Also you may have notice that I have been playing around with my template. Well Faces of Yve has some free fiber related templates and I could not pass up the Stash and there was also the knitting one but I am not quite where I would call myself a knitter. I also made my new button using the same header. I am yarn crazy! So check out the new lay out and please forgive the construction mess as I continue to play with it.

Yarn Yummies

I went my my LYS today and picked up some more of the Cascade Sierra Cotton/Wool blend. With my leftovers from the bag I made myself a hat and now my hubster wants one. I went and got him a charcoal grey (pictured on right). They had some Rowan All Seasons Cotton on clearance so I bought the last 2 skeins of the grey as well. So it turns out that they will no longer be carrying the Rowan brand yarn and gave me (yes free of charge) the Rowan All Seasons Cotton pattern book. It is all knit patterns but who am I to turn down freebies. Plus I figure with my budding knitting that it would be a nice addtition to my pattern collection...well and I am a pattern whore. No better way to say it.

Hi my name is Kelly. I am a yarn addict and pattern whore. *waves*

Battery Costume-Done!

I finished the stenciling this morning. I know that it is a simple costume but when we asked Caleb what he wanted to be for Halloween, he said batteries. Where did he come up with the idea? We have no clue but I think it turned out cute.

Pictures of FOs

I knitted my first ever dishcloth. I did in all in the garter stitch but that is how I do things when I am learning something new. I will not move onto another stitch until I am comfortable doing the current one. When I was learning to crochet that is how I did it and it worked wonderfully for me. I have dishcoths is all the crochet stitches. I know that is weird but it works for me. The purple dishcloth in the back is done with the Knifty Knitter and is a dishcloth as well. I used two strands of Sugar n Cream white and purple.
Up-close knitted dishcloth using the knit stitch.
Close-up Knifter Knitter Dishcloth

Caleb wearing his t-shirt that I stenciled using freezer paper.

My Adventure in Freezer Paper Stencils

I have recently been hearing (ok, reading) a lot about freezer paper stenciling and I am excited to try it. I went to Joann's today and bought my supplies....

Step 1: Pick an image

So I want to turn this into a stencil. My hubby designed this for a tattoo that I wanted. I have decided not to get the tattoo but love the design. The design has my and my son's zodiac sign(Libra), my hubby's zodiac sign(Scorpio) and my son's name, Caleb. This was exactly what I invisioned when I was describing it to my hubby. Can you find where they are? Look below for the answer.

Step 2: Print off and Cut Out Image

Step 3: Position and Iron on stencil

Step 4: Paint Stencil

Forgot to take picture

Step 5: Remove Stencil

Tada! Finished Shirt with stenciling

Knifty Knitter

My first attempt at the Knifty Knitter. I used some leftover yarn to practice and I made a small child's hat. There are a lot of flaws but I am impressed with it as it was my first try. I will be trying it again real soon....I am even thinking about making a shawl with the JA Rainbow Boucle. More to come soon.

September CAL~Finished

One Skein Scarf
Free pattern from Paton Yarns or from SnB: HH

Made with 1 skein Bernat Satin in white. Hook sizes as suggested in the pattern.

Fat Bottom Bag

I visited my LYS and I was in search of yarn for the fat bottom bag. I just did not want to use the recommended Lion Brand Cotton. So I settled on this 80% cotton/20% wool blend that feels heavenly and crocheted up beautiful. So here it is .............

Fat Bottom Bag

I lined it with a sage green solid fabric..I had it on hand so it worked out great. I am still considering a ribbon like suggested but we will see what I find. For now, I am happy with the end results. My mom wants one now. The brooch I picked up at Joanns and loved it so that is why I picked green for the purse plus I thought it was a nice autumny color. I followed the pattern to the stitch, it was easy to follow and the longest part was hand sewing in the lining. I will probably make this bag again. For now I am moving onto my CAL at Fiber Freaks and going to start on my scarf which will be for myself. Yay for FOs!

Also while out and about I went to Joanns and bought this..


The rainbow boucle is for a shawl..still deciding on a pattern, I am open for suggestions. The Bernat Satin is for my scarf. I will see how much I wear it before I invest in a nicer yarn. I have never been one for scarves but I figured it was time for me make one for myself.

I also got the Knifty Knitter. I think it is fun.. I have been playing with it on and off. So I will see if I can get the $8.50 I paid out of it. Got to love those 40% off coupon plus the extra 10% ones too.

Anyways.. we have not been up to much lately but relaxing. Caleb and I are coming down with colds. Just how we want to spend the rest of our summer.

I am off to be crafty once again. Night all!

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