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Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK)

A wonderful Dogwood Fairy sent me a book in the mail today! One that I have wanted since it was on the shelves; however, due to my very small craft budget, I have been waiting until my birthday to ask for it.

I was surprised in today's mail by the fairy's generousity and floored by the kindness. I know who it is but I am not sure if she wants to remain un-named or not. A small private forum that I belong to has a wishlist area and this awesome lady fulfilled my very first wish. I feel so speical and I am giddy, can you tell?

Anyways, here is the book....

This crochet book rocks and there are many patterns I want to try in it. I am still thumbing through and trying to decide on the first project!

Thank you to that special person who thought of me and made my week!!

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