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Follow-Up From Last Post!

So the craziness of college is slowing down as we move into more in depth chapters so we are not speeding through material plus we are caught up from the snow days. I got my test back and I did so much better then I thought. With the extra credit and 2 thrown out questions(which I got right so it means double points) I got 110%. YAY!!! A big sign of relief...I now officially have the highest grade in the class of 40 students. Trust me, I am earning every stinking point, I have no life whatsoever and I am not even doing my hobbies because I feel like the time is better well spent studying.

Car....GOOD NEWS!! It wasn't the transmission, it was the fuel injectors and that will be a lot less expensive fix. It is still running badly but we elected to take it to another shop and now have to wait until they can fit me in. I can't be without a car so they said to put a fuel cleaner in it and they can get me in next week which is when they would be able to get it done, they are very backed up.

So here is a picture of that crochet edged blanket I finished and mentioned in the last post.

And I am saving the best for last......a swap package arrived a couple of days ago! On Fiber Freaks, we had a Magic Ball Swap and I received from Lori. She really spoiled me. She sent a very rich orange variegated wool yarn, notepad, mints, towelette, magnet, lovely card, muscle soak, bunny note holder, handmade needle holder, 4-leaf clover cutter, a gorgeous rosewood G crochet hook, woolie stamp, wax melts, scissors with a knitted bead tassel.

In this bottom picture is the handmade items closer up. The knitted bead tassel was handmade by Lori as well as the purple clay needle holder.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful surprises Lori. I could not be happier with this swap. {{big hugs}}

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