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Trimmed Fleece Baby Blanket

This was a first for me. I liked the way that it turned out and it only took a little over an hour to do. I love that I could quickly make a personal touch on a bought piece. I gave it to my new neighbor who just had a baby. She seemed to like it but you know how it is after you JUST gave birth.
I am still not feeling well or working out. I just can't bring myself to work out when my head is throbbing non-stop. I had to go to class tonight, it was the review before the final next week and I needed the review. I am very nervous about this final. I am doing well a 95 in the class but I feel like it was luck of the test questions. There is so much I do not know in this Medical Terminology class. I know that I need to relax and just study BUT I am a freakin' worry wart so that my MO. Well anyways, I am sitting here at the 'puter watching Law and Order, thinking about crawling into bed. I am now doing the debate, shower, no shower. I never ended up taking one today, in the winter I don't tend to shower every single day. EWWWW I know but it is so cold and to get all warmed up in the shower and have to step out. BRRRRR! I hate that.
I grossed you long enough.

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