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My bad!!!

Sorry my blog friends..Deneen pointed out that I didn't post where I got the pattern.. I checked the book out from the library.
The Big Book of Weekend Crochet is the book I got the pattern from. I only like a few patterns. Most were hideous, but of course that is my opinion! I basically only loved this pattern.


Actual Crochet Post

I started this caplet. Why a caplet in the middle of Spring? I felt like it, it was speaking to me. I am using Lily Elite Cotton in Moss (here it is the first pic, right side). I had to start over the first time because my gauge ended up being so off that I was 10 inches too big. WHAT? I know, that is my response, 10 inches! So I went down a hook size and a pattern size so I think it will fit nicely.
The yarn is a dream to work with, nice smooth stitching. And of course I love cotton and working with it so I say that about most cotton. But this stuff is especially nice. Not like cascade's cotton, where the yarn splits and not like sugar cream, where the yarn is stiff. Just nice and smooth.
I really should be studying, I do have a lab final today but I really have just brushed this class off these last few weeks. Spring Fever is in full force. The weather has been in the 70s in WA so we have been outside most of the time. I even have a pink face to show for my forgetfulness. You know I forgot I was very white and burn very easily. I forgot that spending even 30 minutes in the sun will pink up my face. =) Lesson learned for the summer ...well that is until next Spring when I do the same darn thing ;)
Have a great day my blog friends. I am sorry I haven't been posting comment, my blogger comments have been messing up like crazy so some go through some don't. Happy crafting!

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