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Sandal Socks, another FO and some life stuff!

I love the idea of these. I love my sandals but after wearing them all day I get sore areas where the straps touch so this is a great idea. I found the pattern on that place!

Flip-Flop Socks in Crochet
By Leigh Manson-Brown at Knit-Errant
Knit Picks Simple Stripes .5 skein for two
Worked up quick and easy. Was a great little pattern. BTW: Please forgive my not so pretty feet.

Life Stuff for those interested. I have suffered with major anxiety for many years. I never spoke to anyone about it until recently. I have been unable to focus on anything or get anything finished. My anxiety had started to move into a very bad direction. Well... I was coaxed by my mother, husband and best friend to see my doctor about it. Well... I am happy to say that I am so glad that I did. He started me on Zoloft and I cannot believe the change. I feel relaxed for the first time in many many years. I don't feel antsy, edgy, anxious, etc... I feel relaxed and I am beginning to understand that my axienty levels were unhealthy and affecting everything in my life. I have been sleeping beautifully and feel rested and have energy. I want to do things and get things done. If it wasn't for my family's support and encouragement, I would still be in denial that anything was wrong with me. Thank you to them for seeing the unhealthy behaviors and not giving up on me.
Well, friends, I will have many more FOs in the next few days... I am on a roll. I hope everyone's weekend was lovely, and now I need to go wash my car because Caleb said so ;)

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Breana's Blanket~ The Story of an FO!

This is for my niece who is due in November. I have wanted to make this for a long time and finally had the chance but it ended up being the blanket from hell. I ended up ripping it out 4 times because I wasn't happy with the color or it was getting too big and I need to decrease the rows etc etc. But the big kicker was when I left it out over night and Caleb woke up before me. He decided to "help" mama and he cut ALL the ends to about 2 inches long. There is a color change every 2 rows and I was almost done. I cried but knew it was my fault for leaving it out with scissors. I was lucky the yarn was savable. I am glad this blanket is done and I do like the way it turned out. It did end up big about 60" but hey it is a baby blanket that can be used for a very long time.
Pattern: Round Ripple
Yarn: Bernat Baby Coordinates..lost track of skeins with all the problems
Hook: K
2 Strands together throughout.
Rows 1-3~ 2 white
Rows 4-5~ 1 white, 1 yellow
Rows 6-7~ 2 yellow
Rows 8-9~ 1 yellow, 1 peach
Rows 10-11~ 2 peach
Rows 12-13~ 1 peach, 1 pink
Rows 14-15~ 2 pink
Rows 16-17~ 1 pink, 1 purple
Rows 18-19~ 2 purple
Rows 20-21~ 1 purple, 1 blue
Rows 22-23~ 2 blue
Rows 24-25~ 1 blue, 1 green
Rows 26-27~ 2 green

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Cro & Go Bag aka Cosmetic Bag

Kelly's Cro & Go Bag
I used a free Cosmetic Bag pattern located here.
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter in Blue Haze 1.5 skeins
Hook: G
Quick Crochet and an added bonus...stash buster!

I did 30 rows instead of 19 for larger bag. I also crochet very tight so it wouldn't need lining. I sewed the bottom up really well so I wouldn't need the "base" but I did add a CD inside for added structure. I like the way it turned out. I originally made this for my sister but of course decided to keep it. I crocheted the drawstring handles instead of using ribbon.

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Slouchy Purse FO

The lining and the button (lower right corner)

Slouchy Purse by Drew Emborsky
Interweave Crochet Magazine Spring 2007
Cotton Ease 1.5 skeins
G hook
Lined before slouch which made for a lot of layers to go through...I ended up using an upholstery needle but it still required a bit of work. I love the color and the lining, but I think I should have lined the handles since I really dislike the stretch..Oh well you live you learn. The pattern was very easy to follow (but the blo/flo slowed me down some) and I will definitely make this purse again just with a less stretchy yarn.

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The Lastest Fat Bottom Bag

An FO!!! Yay for crochet content. I made the Fat Bottom Bag AGAIN! My 4th if anyone is keeping score. I love this pattern and I wanted one in back with shoulder straps. So here it is.

Pattern: FBB from SnB: Happy Hooker
Yarn: Cotton Ease Licorice 1.5 balls
Hook: I
Adjustments: I continued decreasing the body until I had the width of a strap I wanted. I continued with the strap to desired length and started increasing to match other end's width. I whip stitched the strap to the other end. I lined both the body and the strap. I then finished the bag with a sc with the gathering on the sides.
Happy Rating: ***** I not happy with the gathering because it left gaps which I hate so this only gets 4 stars.

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Summer Loving and Crochet Dreams

Yay for summer! We have been busy since school got over last week! We are getting ready to go to the ocean for 3 days as well! I am so excited! We will be camping and Caleb is besides himself with glee. That boy loves the sand and campfires. He asked me yesterday if there will "sharsellows and sticks" Marshmallows and sticks translated! He loves roasting marshmallows and always eats so many I think he is going to get sick.

Let's see....I received my official acceptance letter for the Physical Therapy program.. yays for that. But I do have about load of things to get done before classes start. Background check, CPR, immunizations, TB test, malpractice insurance, etc.

I started this sock using Knits Picks Simply stripes. It is working up quickly but I had to frog it back to the heal because I wasn't happy with it.

I also started another FFB (Fat Bottom Bag) Yes, I know this will be my 4th but I want a black very badly. So I will torture you with the details of course but no pic right now. I plan on making handles out of yarn and making them longer for a shoulder bag style. I am going to play around with it after the body is done. I will let you have that turns out.

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When there's a problem...

Make the solution! Yesterday while out side laying in my lounge chair working on the caplet, I had to lie my cell phone/MP3 Player on the ground...I didn't like that at all so I quickly winged this little pouch sling for my phone. I like it a lot because I can easily changed songs. answer calls, etc. I worked it in rounds, 3 rows dc and 2 rows trc.

See I do crochet, I just forgot to tell you all about it!

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