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I finished a baby shower gift for my best friend, Hilary. She is having a girl and I really wanted to funked it up for is what I came up with~



I loved the way it turned out...It was a simple white onesie. I used an iron on transfer and then tied dyed it. I had fun making and will more then likely make stuff like this for future baby gifts...What are your thoughts??

I also went to the Goodwill and found this for $1.99

  • 2 unused balls of Sugar N Cream cotton
  • 1 unused hank of wool
  • 1 slightly used skein of Bernat Chunky
  • 1 slightly used skein of Jamie

Not a bad price for 5 balls of yarn. I have scored big at the thrift stores before. Now I must decide what I am going to do with it....stash it or use????

Well.....I also went to Hancock Fabrics which is closing looking for yarn but they were completely sold out of yarn so instead I bought fabric. $60 of fabris for $15. Another big score for the day!

The fabric on the left is a cotton mossy green for a baby sling. The center fabric is a satiny polyester fabric..nice drape and flow for a sarong. Fabric on the right is a sheer and I have no idea what I am going to do with it but I love it. About 3 yards of each. Love it!

Sorry no Foodie Friday..I am lazy this week! No lies or excuses just lazy.


Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK)

A wonderful Dogwood Fairy sent me a book in the mail today! One that I have wanted since it was on the shelves; however, due to my very small craft budget, I have been waiting until my birthday to ask for it.

I was surprised in today's mail by the fairy's generousity and floored by the kindness. I know who it is but I am not sure if she wants to remain un-named or not. A small private forum that I belong to has a wishlist area and this awesome lady fulfilled my very first wish. I feel so speical and I am giddy, can you tell?

Anyways, here is the book....

This crochet book rocks and there are many patterns I want to try in it. I am still thumbing through and trying to decide on the first project!

Thank you to that special person who thought of me and made my week!!

Summer Shawl

This is a picture of my husband Ray and his mother taken Tuesday at Ray's work. I think it is great photo of the two of them plus my MIL is wearing the summer shawl I made her for Christmas. I never got a photo of it so I had to post this.

It is a V-Stitch pattern so the shawl is V shaped. I used 2 strands of #10 thread (white and bridal blue) with F hook. It took me about 15 hours and 3 rip outs to complete it. It is fringed all the way around. I love this shawl and may make one for myself someday. My MIL rolled the edge over into a collar like thing and added a brooch both which I love.

Thong-a-long Thursday

It's that time again! Thong-a-long Thursday! I missed the last two weeks but here we go. I made a moss green super soft plus sized thong. I used Bernat Velour which worked up very fast and is very nice to touch.

Disclaimer: Thong-a-long Thursday is for fun purposes only and is not to be taken seriously for any reason.

Baby Sling

I make baby slings for the moms-to-be in my is the lastest. My best friend is due in October so I got started on my sewing and finished this tube style sling today. I will be making an adjustable ring style sling in the same color.

It can be used from birth up to 35 lbs. They are great..nursing is so easy in this and it is so comfortable.

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