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Summer Loving and Crochet Dreams

Yay for summer! We have been busy since school got over last week! We are getting ready to go to the ocean for 3 days as well! I am so excited! We will be camping and Caleb is besides himself with glee. That boy loves the sand and campfires. He asked me yesterday if there will "sharsellows and sticks" Marshmallows and sticks translated! He loves roasting marshmallows and always eats so many I think he is going to get sick.

Let's see....I received my official acceptance letter for the Physical Therapy program.. yays for that. But I do have about load of things to get done before classes start. Background check, CPR, immunizations, TB test, malpractice insurance, etc.

I started this sock using Knits Picks Simply stripes. It is working up quickly but I had to frog it back to the heal because I wasn't happy with it.

I also started another FFB (Fat Bottom Bag) Yes, I know this will be my 4th but I want a black very badly. So I will torture you with the details of course but no pic right now. I plan on making handles out of yarn and making them longer for a shoulder bag style. I am going to play around with it after the body is done. I will let you have that turns out.

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