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Remember this FO. Well here is the baby with the blanket and his mommy did some fun photo shop stuff to it! I loved it and thought I would share!

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Car News, Test Anxiety and a Package!!

The car is running right now BUT still needs 4 O2 sensors replaced. Which will be taken care of on Sunday.
Fuel Pump: $200
New Brakes & Rotors: $200
4 New O2 sensors: $250
Having a Car that runs: Priceless
Thank you to everyone for the good car vibes! Sorry I haven't been around much. I am overwhelmed with school and well life!

I had an exam today and I am now recovery from my worst case of test anxiety ever. I blanked the entire test and I know that I did not do well. I need to ace the next 2 exams to make up for it. 1 week left of school. Then Spring Break...a much needed break!

So this weekend: Study, birthday party, getting car fixed, sounds like a good time. huh??

Now onto the fun stuff!!! In my mailbox today was a slip because I missed the postman well I saw him up the street and chased him to retrieve this!! A package from Pearlin. I won a blog contest and I was thrilled to get the prize today!

The prize included the following:
Handmade Doily
Beading kit
Apple Crisp Scented Pillar Candle
Drawstring Beaded Purse
Green Gem Brooch
Decorating stones
Bamboo Purse handles
Bamboo Knitting Needles
Embroidery Greeting Card kit
Pony Glitter Size I crochet hook
And the following yarns:
1 peach Big Value Baby DK
1 variegated pinks/greens Cannon size 8 crochet thread
1 variegated peachs/yellows crochet thread
5 Schachenmayr Nomotta "Catania" 100% mercerized cotton in Fl amigo
2 Schachenmayr Nomotta "Catania" 100% mercerized cotton in Pink
1 DMC "Babylo" Crochet cotton in pink
1 Gedifra "Korella" 53% Flax/47% Acrylic in peach
2 Schachenmayr Nomotta "Punto Boucle Color" in Tan/teal variegated

Also included were a few gifts for Caleb:
A package of 3 cars and 2 packs of stickers He wouldn't wait until I was finished opening everything to take a picture so I just took of picture of him with the gifts and sent to play with his toys while I "played" with mine!
Thank you so much for the wonderful prize and I have some projects in mind. I may not start them until after this quarter but you never know with me. This made my day and also Caleb's day!

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