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Today was yarn yumminess! I have a weak spot for cotton. I know that for alot of crocheters and knitters, the weak spot is wool or alpaca but me it is cotton. I do not know why!
My Chem class let out early today and I had 45 minutes until I had to pick Caleb up at daycare so what does a girl do for 45 minutes! Yarn Shop, of course.
I found a new yarn shop by campus. So I purchased some yarn there.
1 skein Candy Apple Cotton Fleece
2 skeins Rivera 45% cotton/30% linen/25% rayon

Both I think I am going to make Fat Bottom Bags with.

The cotton fleece is not so red it more the color of the broach.(not purchased at the yarn shop) Here it is in the natural light.
It was a nice little shop and owner was so friendly. I like it better then the shop near my house which I did go to as well today.
And purchased, you guessed it more cotton.
Another fat bottom bag??
2 balls Cotton Classic %100 mercerised cotton by Tahki
Notice how the broach matches great!

So next was Joanns, for more yarn..big surprise, not for cotton. I bought
1 skein Sensations Rainbow Boucle in Blue. I am going to knit the shawl that is pictured.
The best part of my yarn adventure today was when I came home I had this awaiting me.

3 skeins Bernat Satin in Sea Shell
When I was making the Seija Set, I had 3 very knotted, frayed skeins so I wrote a letter to Bernat. Well, they sent me 3 replacement skeins. How exciting! Free Yarn!

Onto an un-yarn related subject. School is kicking my tush and I should be studying right now but I had to blog. Caleb's third birthday is next week and the following weekend is his party. I am feeling overwhelmed so the retail therapy helped today.

Anyways, have a great one! Thanks for stopping by this place I call my blog!

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