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Opps..I did it again!

I went on a yarn spending spree! Well, not really. I didn't use my fiber allowance for October and I had November's as well so it was a budgetted shopping spree. Yes I said, I didn't use October's allowance, well remember I received cash for my October 11th birthday. I receive the same amount from the same people every year so I didn't spend my allowance knowing full well that I would be able to spend more in November. But I am tapped out for the allowance and it is November 8, lol!

Here is my yarn buying adventure..

4 skeins Bernat Cool Crochet
1 HUGE 14 oz skein of Bernat Handicrafter
Red Heart Crystilites L,M,N,P
These were all purchaesd at Wallyworld. I didn't have anything in mind but the huge ball of Handicrafter I have never seen before so I *had* to buy as well as the Cool Crochet.

Joann stop yielded some Simply Soft Shadows on sale so I of course *had* to buy it and this neat little crochet/knit how to kit. I am considering giving it as a gift but well will see. USed my 40% off coupon so I may talk myslef into to keeping it. Who knows!

This was a Destash purchase. 4 skeins Misti Pima Cotton

This was my finds at my local Barnes and Noble. They are moving to a larger location and the old location is selling off most of the inventory 50% off so I made a few purchases.

Well that was the fun I had for November fiber shopping. Nothing super special but I am happy! Well at least for now.


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