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Not Your Mama's Crochet Book Review

As stated below, I checked out this book from the library. The book's first chapter is all about the basics and is written well enough for a beginner to understand. Throughout the book are nice little tips or tidbits about crocheting. A great troubleshooting section and a nice section about blocking, wet or steam, and even when to block. A very small section on some common stitches and how to use them in your own designs. A wonderfully full chapter on yarn and dyeing, spinning, and recycled yarn. There is a well written chapter on measuring and sizing. A break down on reading patterns that would be very helpful for a beginner just learning to read patterns. Most of the patterns are beginner patterns but there are a few that I found interesting, the "Pseudo-Kimono", the "Who Hat", "When Jeans Don't Fit Recycled Demin Rug" and the "Weekend Vest" all looked interesting enough to consider. Each pattern has a variation side box which I thought was very neat. All in all, this would be a good reference book and I am putting this book on my wishlist.


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